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Hybrid Events

Hybrid events have become a staple in the event world. Organizers have realized that with the advancements and capabilities of holding virtual events they can create a hybrid solution that allows for both in-person and virtual attendance at the same time, opening up their event to a global audience Your virtual event will create value before, during, and after your event, with networking that can begin prior to the physical event as well as the availability of event content for on-demand access after the event.

With MALGA’s all-in-one hybrid event planning platform, you don’t have to design two separate events to get the best of both worlds, your audience will be engaged with your event wherever they are.

All the Features you need to Organize your Hybrid Event

MALGA offers all the solutions of in-person and virtual event planning in one flexible platform, maximizing the ROI for attendees, exhibitors, and planners.

Online & Onsite Registration

  • Generate a virtual access for all participants

  • Track participant online & onsite behavior

Hybrid Engagement

  • Hybrid Polls

  • Hybrid Q&A participation

Hybrid Networking & Booth interaction

  • networking through chat between online & onsite attendees

  • interaction with booth members onsite and online

On Demand Access

  • Access session recordings

  • View booth digital content

  • Access bookmarks & Contacts


  • live analytics on participant engagement online & Offline

  • Reports on participant, sessions, booths

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